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The Pico Island is wonderful, walking along the cliffs, admire the sunsets or diving into the Ocean can be unforgettable, but the important thing is that even your state of mind is attuned to what surrounds you and your listening and observation skills are present at the moment you live. Through a complete yoga practice, you will be an integral part of the experience !


Alma Pico offers the following modalities:




Every week we offer different yoga practices that can be freely chosen and booked, according to what fit best for you.


This formula allows you to enrich your Azorean holiday with a yoga practice, without any obligation.


Particularly suitable for beginners or for those approaching yoga for the first time.




Every season we organize events with international teachers coming from several schools. In these events is offered a course lasting a week: daily practices, deepening of tradition and yogic techniques.


For each event is indicated the style, the teacher's name, a description of the weekly program and the "level" to which the course is aimed (beginners or advanced).


For those who practice Yoga for years, is the practice itself that in certain sense guides the vacation; Pico becomes the temple where we can focus on our spiritual path. 



During the vacation (would be better before) , you can write a letter to the teacher to receive a personalized practice that you can start practicing in our Yoga Shala and carry on once back at home..  

​Federica Pezzini


I started to practice Kung Fu when i was 14; this martial art allowed me to work on the body, through the study of different fighting styles inspired by animals. In those years, I have been also initiated, to the Meditation and to the Yoga of dream and sleep.

After 12 years of discipline and hard work, I have earned the second Dan of Kung Fu.

This was the first major step toward an inner journey to give continuity to my need to go beyond the externals and appearances.

Later, I graduated in Social and Psychological Research of “Sapienza – University of Rome” and I have acquired an expertise in psychological disciplines and the basic methodological and technical tools of social intervention.

In the meantime, in addition to the daily practice, I continued my spiritual quest by reading various texts , especially of Theosophical , of the master Osho Rajneesh , of the teacher Gabriella Cella Al- Chamali and of course the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali .

I have participated in several seminars and conferences, especially of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Then i met Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali ! It was something special, I immediately felt a deep connection with the teacher who allowed me to live fully the path in her School "Yoga Ratna for Teachers". I graduated, I teach Yoga and I'm continuing my spiritual research enriched by a practice based on the symbols it allows me to experience the complexity of existence, of listening to the small and big things that the world says and to live in a more conscious way

​Fabio Mignani


The dedication and effort have always fascinated me. As a boy, I practiced the traditional Karate (Shotokan style) with exceptional Japanese Masters. Initially, this discipline allowed me to act on the body and then, it offered to me an inward quest. In the philosophy of the martial arts, I also found a set of principles that still resonate with my spirit: first know yourself, then know others; apply the way of karate to all things, therein lies its beauty.


Then there was a long period when I traveled , mostly in Africa, and fascinated by the desert, I immersed myself in a solo journey of 6 days, in which, I not only walked among the dunes, carrying a backpack on my shoulder (…more bigger than me), but I found the silence and its value. In the desert, there is no distraction; there is you with your thoughts. Then, step by step... the thoughts go out, leaving you in a limbo in which the Self and all the things that surround you, merge in harmony and peace.


Yoga was then the crowning glory of my pathway; I have found the value of the practice and at the same time the importance of the non-attachment. Yoga has allowed me to piece together a puzzle, many pieces were already present and I was more or less conscious about that, but i was still not able to join them together. I am been initiated to the Yoga discipline by Gabriella Cella Al-Chamali.Has been an honor, I never met a woman like her, a person who I would like to listen to for hours, considering her more than thirty years of experience.


Today I practice yoga every day and this has totally changed my life.


From the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shri K Pattabhi Jois, I did mine its motto, as simple but fundamental that I wish to share: "Practice and all the rest will come".


In short ...

Yoga is an age-old Indian discipline that proposes a method without religious connotations to reassess the human experience through the reconciliation of body and mind.The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit word yuj which can be translated as "union".

The contemporary lifestyle demands efficiency, dynamism, speed, control, and ... it would not be a mistake if they were balanced by reflection, by the relaxation and by the ability to surrender. It is the imbalance of forces in the game that brings stress, makes distracted and insensitive. 

Through the practice of yoga, the practitioner creates a deep connection between his psyche and his body, gradually he is free from fears and anxieties and he acquires clarity, fullness and sensitivity.

The Yogadarshana centered on the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali has several ramifications of the practice (eight to be exact) that fully involve the body, the mind and the more subtle aspects of being. In addition to a series of universal principles (yama and niyama), during a complete practice of yoga, there are: postures that shall be maintained for a long time until they become comfortable and stable (asanas); breathing techniques that are studied up to take control of breathing and consciousness (Pranayama); exercises to bring the ability of relaxation and retraction of the senses within himself (Pratyahara); exercises to empower the concentration (dharana); and meditation (dhyana). When meditating, the mind and the object of meditation become one, and in this state of quiet and order, you can get in "enstasi" and be united to the true nature of reality and be blessed in a deep contemplation (Samadhi). 

Both work on the body and the mind are based on listening to the inner and on the silent observation, so the suspension of the fluctuations of the mind that enhances the awareness of the substantial unity of all that exists


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