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The volcano "Montanha do Pico" is 2,350 meters high and has an average diameter of 19 km.


The tours we offer, will allow you to experience the Island of Pico and the breathtaking scenery offered by its majestic volcano, in a particularly intense way. You will be able to dominate the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the volcano, to have a picnic lunch on the shore of a mountain lake surrounded by beautiful forests and grazing cows and finish the day with a visit to the caves along the galleries created by lava.



It's possible to gain the top of the volcano and enjoy a breathtaking view of the island, the nearby Faial and Sao Jorge, and on days when the sky is clear, you also get the additional bonus of the sighting of Graciosa and Terceira.


With a vertical drop of 1,200 meters, it takes a good physical shape and about 7 hours there and back. Fundamental hat, sunglasses, windbreaker or similar, a snack and a water bottle



The Pico Island is dotted by 14 lakes. 

Each lake is a discovery, some are very isolated and placed in large depressions while others are veritable mountain lakes surrounded by thick vegetation. 


They are all easily reached by car, but there are also marked trails for trekking lovers.



The “Gruta das Torres”, is a lava cave, a geological formation of volcanic origin formed from the flow and cooling of subterranean magma rivers.


The caves are a group of interconnected lava tubes between 0.5–22 metres (2–72 ft) width and an estimated length of over 5.2 km (3.2 mi). It is the longest lava cave in the Azores.

The tours listed above may be made in total autonomy, even if we strongly recommend a guide to climb the volcano.


Alma do Pico with its partners, organizes these trips in a complete and professional way: you just have to put your enthusiasm because we will take you with our shuttle where the tours begin, we will accompany you in the adventure with our experienced guides and we will also provide you all you need to have lunch or a picnic. Do you have special needs? We're here to listen to you.

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