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If your stay is long enough, or if you want to enrich your vacation, here are some other suggestions.


Even if Pico is a "small" island, it offers a variety of events and services that make your holiday a real journey into the nature and culture of this small community. For those who love folklore there are a number of appointments, religious or not, that unfold throughout the year.



To experience the island in freedom, and discover even the wildest part, it is recommended to rent a quad or attend one of the tours 4x4.


For those who love Mountain Biking / BTT, there are numerous trails, suitable for both regular practitioners and beginners. The enthusiasm can cause real adrenaline rush.


Galloping or trotting, explore the trails and the lakes riding a horse or a donkey, is an unforgettable experience (admire the scenery in a slow fashion brings you into another dimension). The horse rides are designed for those who never went to the horse.


The Azores are also considered an amazing area for the observation of birds (bird watching); there are more than 200, between endemic species and migratory species..



In 2012, a new Tennis court was opened in the park of Madalena, here you can play for free, even at evening.


Hiking, jogging or just take a long unforgettable walk? The well-structured network of trails on the island is composed of 10 tracks (equipped with signage). Pico has been included in the list: “8 of the Most Unique Walking Paths in the World


Speleology finds a fertile ground on the island of Pico due to dozens of volcanic caves like those at Frei Matias Silveira, Montanheiros or at Henrique Maciel which can be explored in the company of a guide and by using proper equipment.


If not enough ... you can practice bouldering or participate in day trips to neighboring islands Horta and Sao Jorge.



The Pico Island is not only famous for its excellent wine but also for the liquor of fig, medlar and blackberries (the cooperative winery can be visited). 

Delicious fruits, figs and pineapples in the first place, but the honey and the cheese of bovine milk to soft dough, would not be outdone. Do not miss the linguica (sausage typical), the octopus stew and local meat. 

The countless festivals are another place to experience the popular tradition in terms of food

Do you have special needs? We're here to listen to you.

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