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Hi, we are Federica and Fabio, in recent years the desire to lead a life less hectic and in deeper contact with nature, prompted us up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where we found a charming place where to rearrange our lives: the island of Pico.


Already during our first trip, captured by this place,we started to fantasize about how nice it would have been to open a resort that reflecting the soul of this island and its elements.

This is how was born our Nature Residence "Alma do Pico".


From fantasies we passed to the facts; the research of the right land, took a while (about a year and a half) but in the end, when we were about to give up, we found a paradisiacal place, virgin, alive. Two acres of woodland, incenses, cedars and pines, the view of the ocean and nearby islands of Faial and São Jorge, the beautiful volcano and a private access road ... everything perfect to create a natural oasis for us and for our guests.

Eager to create something of which to be proud, we choose a team to support us, in the design, implementation and supervision of the project ... the keyword was "integration": integrate into the environment, integrate in the local culture, integrate in construction methodologies with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.


Today, the project has gained a large echo throughout the autonomous region of the Azores, and many people come to visit us. We are pleased to present our Nature Residence, a sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage of the island, promoting an environmental awareness.

The exterior coat of the accommodations are made by using Cryptomeria, a local wood, and have been applied modern construction techniques to achieve the high quality of accommodation and offer the maximum comfort for its guests. We have paid much attention to the choice of colors, objects and facilities: wall colors, furniture and furnishings are not flashy and are gentle, the water is heated by a renewable source, the appliances are in class A , and orthopedic mattresses are fire retardant, the fixtures are the real frame of the landscape, the very shape of the houses has a symbolic meaning, the turtle represents the possibility of concentration and the butterfly the possibility of regeneration.


Far away from the hectic city life, Alma Pico is a place where to live your holidays in a deep and authentic way.

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